Bidding procedure for Renewal and Location Swap process of Crude Oil


Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency is carrying out a Renewal and Location Swap process of Crude Oil No. SZ 05/2019 (hereinafter “Swap”) and invites all potential Bidders to submit their Service Fee bid for such Swap under the terms provided in the Bidding Dossier.

The subject of this bidding procedure No. SZ 05/2019 is a Swap where CHA delivers 180,000 MT (+/- 5% at CHA’s option) of REB (Urals) to be lifted by Bidder by pipeline in several lots at the points where JANAF’s oil pipeline crosses the Croatian border  (DAF Parity). The Bidder shall replace the same quantity of 180,000 MT (+/- 5% at Bidder’s option) of REB (Urals) crude in one or more cargoes, at the port of Omišalj (DAP Parity). This Swap procedure shall start upon signing of contract with CHA and finish by 15 December 2019 latest.


Bidding Dossier can be downloaded HERE

Bids are due the 6th of June, 2019.

Željka Rukavina