Energy in everyday life

The world spends nearly 14 billion liters of oil per day! As a part of our everyday life, oil is used almost everywhere.


Think of the new cream you have just bought, which you intend to put on your face this very moment... With respect to the fact that petroleum-based products may include up to 80% of cosmetic ingredients, in essence, you are actually buying oil.

The most common ingredients are oil, wax, paint and other petrochemical intermediates (chemical products derived from petroleum). Petroleum by-products can also be found in your shampoos, conditioners, hair colors and makeup.

Do not forget that all packaging of those products comes from oil!


A large number of drugs which we use today are derived from benzene - and benzene is derived from oil! We all well know pain medications (aspirin, ibuprofen...) and they are based on the petrochemical sources, as well as medications that relieve cold and flu symptoms, or those which are used as an aid in weight loss.

There is another fact, products based on oil are also extensively used in homeopathy.

Development of oil industry and development of modern medicine are closely connected!

40% of all textile contains oil!

A couch contains 60 liters of oil!

Forty billion liters of oil per year is used to create CDs and DVDs!

Željka Rukavina