Inform ourselves

Exploration and production of hydrocarbons has substantial benefits, creates new jobs and stimulates the sustainable development of domestic industry.

Increased exploration and production of hydrocarbons in Croatia's Adriatic will be a major economic development stimulus for Croatia. Plus the need for capital outlays for importation of energy will be reduced providing further capital for domestic growth and consumption. Further hydrocarbon exploration and production will provide both a direct and multiplier effect stimulus to all Croatian industries - from shipbuilding to agriculture to transportation.

Increased hydrocarbon exploration and production will also support the establishment of new industries, services and products not yet existing in Croatia and will stimulate new exports of products and services. Ultimately this will lead to job creation in all sectors including academia.

It is important to note that all investment costs will be borne exclusively by the investors or, in other words, that there will be no costs to Croatian taxpayers. Nonetheless according to examples for other similar countries approximately 60% of investments are expected to remain in Croatia.

Republic of Croatia has the opportunity to become a leader in supply of highly qualified experts and the most important exporter of oil and gas products and services in the region.

Željka Rukavina