Data room

The Data Room is the dedicated site within the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency which contains the offshore and onshore seismic and well data.

Offshore Data Room officially opened on 10th of March 2014, while Onshore Data Room officially opened 2nd of June 2014.

Data Room entrance fee is 5,000 EUR. Entrance fee and Data Room Rules are the same for both, offshore and onshore Data Room.

In addition to legacy seismic data, which were acquired by INA before 1990, new seismic data was recorded in the Adriatic for the first time using contemporary, long-offset acquisition techniques. These new data are key to understanding the full hydrocarbon potential of the Croatian side of the Adriatic.

Interested oil companies will use this information for effective and efficient assessment of potential hydrocarbons, before the upcoming public tenders in Croatia.

The Croatian Hydrocarbons Agency data room rules applicable to the viewing of Geo-Technical Data at its offices in Zagreb are listed below. These rules regulate the manner in which companies may use the facilities made available to them at the data room located at the Croatian Hydrocarbons Agency offices in Zagreb. You are reminded that all the documents contained in the data room and made available to you are the property of the Republic of Croatia and must not be removed nor copied. No representation is given and no liability is accepted by the Croatian Hydrocarbons Agency nor their respective advisers as to the accuracy or completeness of the Geo -Technical Data provided. The data room may only be used under the supervision of a representative of the Croatian Hydrocarbons Agency.

1. Opening hours

The data room will be open from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

2. Admission

Visitors must submit to any reasonable safety regulations and procedures required by Croatian Hydrocarbons Agency. Visitors must at all times comply forthwith with any reasonable request by Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency representative to leave the data room and must vacate the data room promptly at the end of the time allocated for their visit. Extensions of time will not be granted. Only five persons per applicant may enter or be represented in the data room per visit and at any one time.

Visitors may use dictating machines, mobile telephones and personal computers in the Data Room but in no circumstances will fax machines, copiers, cameras of any kind (including but not limited to mobile phone cameras or pen cameras) or scanners be permitted into the data room and these must be declared and deposited with the data room coordinator or supervisor on arrival.

3. Documentation

Companies will be provided a CD which contains: maps, data examples, data cataloques and support documentation. Documents in ring binders or otherwise bound must not be removed from the binder in which they are held. Documents contained loose in files or folders but not bound or contained in a ring binder must be replaced in the same place in which they were found after use. Each person entering the data room must sign the declaration attached to these rules even if they are from the same company.

4. Conduct

Documents which are provided in the data room cannot be marked, altered, modified, or damaged in any way.

The data room coordinator will be available at all times and all requests for assistance should be directed to the data room coordinator or persons specified by him/her.

5. Application form and Entrance Fee payment info

Application form need to be filled and submitted on You need to clearly write if you are applying for offshore or onshore Data Room.

Offshore/Onshore application

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