Impact on fishery

Will seismic shooting kill all fish in the sea?

No. For the first time in Croatia, very strict limitations for the seismic shooting have been prescribed.

It has been proven that seismic shooting does not have an impact on the mortality of fish nor on any other organisms in sea, but it does have significant impact from the point of noise which has an impact on the movements and migration of some of the species. This is the reason why there have been prescribed certain measures and periods which are suitable to conduct seismic, in order not to affect important fish species nor other protected species living in the sea.

If exploration and production activities will have an impact on fishermen's fish quantity taken from the sea, will they be compensated?

Exploration should be harmonized with fish movements, not the opposite. Fishermen are protected.

Everywhere around the world, there is a common practice to perform exploration activities in coordination with fishermen. Those exploration activities should be conducted in proper time, not affecting fishermen's quantity of fish. If however, it is determined that exploration really affects the quantity of fish, fishermen will be reimbursed for the losses in quantity. Exploration can only have an impact on the fish migrations which can result with decreased quantities of fish caught.

Fisheries and production of hydrocarbons?

Production of hydrocarbons does not have an impact on fisheries.

Platforms can represent the sort of reef or so-called „no-take“ zone due to the fact that the access for everyone, including fishermen, is forbidden in circle of 500m around the platforms. Therefore, it has been proven long ago that there exists the largest diversity of species around platforms.

Željka Rukavina