Environment impact

Is there a danger of ecological disaster which could endanger life in the Adriatic Sea, and consequently tourism as well?

No. There was no environmental incident on our platforms in the history. Furthermore, much more higher standards have been prescribed and implemented, and today we work with technologies and automated systems which eliminate human error.

All analyzes done so far with respect to impact on the environment, as well as all tests carried out in the Adriatic Sea, show that platforms do not have negative impact on the environment. The entire technological process takes place in a closed system. In the past, there were no environmental incidents on our platforms. Today, there are much more higher standards implemented and current technologies and automated systems eliminate human error.

However, regardless of the high standards set up on behalf of the companies, EU adopted Directive 2013/30/EC on safety of offshore oil and gas operations in June 2013. The main objective of the Directive is to ensure the implementation of exploration and production at sea, complying with the highest standards of safety, health and the environment at hte same time. Under these new rules, the implementation of the highest safety standards on all oil and gas platforms across Europe is mandatory. New legislation sets clear rules which cover all activities relating to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, such as criteria for licensing, control of the platforms, control mechanisms of the equipment and processes etc. The Directive also provides and prescribes rules for action if an accident does occur, provided that those rules help in minimizing possible environmental damage.

Let us summarize, activities can not start if all necessary resources for fast reaction and accident prevention have not been previously secured. If the damage really occurs, all costs for the damage and rehabilitation of the same shall be borne by the investor.
Although exploration and production activities have been performed in Croatia more than 40 years, there were no environmental incidents. There is no reason this could change in the future, especially if we take into consideration that new regulatory framework prescribes much higher level of standards regarding safety and environmental protection, compared to those prescribed in the history.

Željka Rukavina