Business environment

Stabilna ekonomija
The Republic of Croatia guarantees by law equivalent regulations for foreign and domestic investors. Croatia’s EU membership provides investors access to the largest global free trade area as well as legal stability and security among other advantages.
Poticajno investicijsko okruženje
An extensive network of free trade zones where investors can undertake production of goods, improvement of products, storage, wholesale trade as well as establishment of innovation centers and provision of some services.
Sustav jadranskog naftovoda
The Croatian fixed telecommunications network is 100% digitalized and is the most modern network in Central and Eastern Europe. Croatia is a leader in the introduction of new technologies, especially in the field of data transfer and data mobility. Croatia has one of the leading and most modern motorway road systems in Europe.
Rafinerije nafte
Access to an oil pipeline system that connects the most northerly VLCC port and terminal on the Mediterranean (Omišalj, Croatia) to numerous refineries throughout Europe. Designed capacity of 34 million tons of oil annually (MTA), current handling capacity of 20 MTA.Storage capacity 1.3 million m3 (oil) and 100 000 m3 (products).
Sustav transporta plina (Plinacro)
Access to a network of refineries, two in Croatia (Rijeka and Sisak), throughout the region including along the Adriatic Sea and the rest of the Mediterranean. Croatia has two refineries. One refinery is located in the continental part of the country and it is connected with existing oil fields. The other one is on the Adriatic Sea with excellent connection to the pipeline infrastructure, railway and marine.
Izvanteritorijalni cjevovodi prirodnog plina i infrastruktura
Access to an extensive, safe and modern gas transmission system with 2 700 km of high pressure gas pipelines, an underground gas storage facility and two international interconnections.
Luke, brodogradilišta, dobavljači, isporučitelji
Developed Natural Gas Infrastructure in the northern Croatian Adriatic including pipeline connections to both Croatia’s and Italy’s natural gas transmission systems from 18 production platforms and 1 processing platform.
Vodeća sveučilišta i tehničke škole
Croatia provides investors with leading international ports and shipyards located along the Croatian coast. Many Croatian companies provide products and services to the oil and gas industry globally.
Predloženi Jonsko - Jadranski projekt plinovoda
Croatian universities and technical schools educate highly trained engineers and technicians that work in the oil and gas industry in Croatia and globally.
Predloženi LNG Terminal
Planned connection of Croatia’s Natural Gas Transmission System to the recently approved Trans-Adriatic Pipeline will establish Croatia as a regional and European hub. First right of entry guaranteed to local producers.
Prostor slobodne trgovine
Proposed LNG Terminal on the Island of Krk, further establishing Croatia as a Natural Gas and Energy hub.
Željka Rukavina