Visual identity story

Hydrocarbons on which our modern civilisation is based upon are the result of natural solar energy accumulation during millions of years. Hydrocarbons are currently the fastest and most effective method of energy conversion into any other modern society tool. Logo form reflects the Agency’s function and the function of hydrocarbons in our global society.


Stabilna ekonomija
A drop is the distinguishing feature for liquids and is the starting point for the Agency’s logo. The drop form is the main significant feature of the logo.
Poticajno investicijsko okruženje
Chemical display of benzene core is a hexagon (representation of six carbon atoms connected into a ring). Logotype form uses a segment from a network or a chain of such rings.
Sustav jadranskog naftovoda
Dominant and, along with railroad, most effective transportation methodpipeline of hydrocarbons like natural gas or oil from the extraction point to the industrial processing point. Logotype negative space form is made by intersecting multiple pipes. A symbol for a meeting point and the building of effective links.
Rafinerije nafte
Negative space created by the visual identity form arrows which point in the direction of exploitation. In other words; investing energy in the process exploatation of drilling and extracting to create larger quantities of energy, or simply put: profit.
Željka Rukavina