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The Croatian Hydrocarbons Agency participated in the conference "Energy and Climate Challenges in the Republic of Croatia"

The President of the Management Board of the Agency, Marijan Krpan, participated in the panel.

The conference "Energy and Climate Challenges in the Republic of Croatia" took place in the city of  Dubrovnik on 13-14 April and was organised by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds  (MRRFEU), which has the role of manager of the "Energy and Climate Change" Programme, funded by the EEA Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

Given the available EU funds, the focus is on financing the green transition in all sectors of the economy and society. Of particular note is the European Economic Area funding mechanism, which has already supported 36 projects from the "Energy and Climate Change" Programme, in which the Croatian Hydrocarbons Agency is also involved with its project "Development of an interactive map of the geothermal potential of the Pannonian Basin in the Republic of Croatia".

The Deep Geothermal Energy Database represents the basis for the further development of the geothermal energy potential of the Republic of Croatia. 
This unique virtual database of unified, classified and processed geotechnical data collected over the last 50 years will allow easier access and understanding of geothermal potential speeding up decision-making processes and the initiation of investment projects. 

Successful examples from Iceland and Norway were presented at the conference. The focus was on networking local authorities and institutions with organisations from Norway and Iceland in the field of energy.

Marijan Krpan, The President of the Management Board of the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency, participated in the panel "Decarbonisation of cities and counties". With the geothermal projects, the Agency has initiated a new approach to a sustainable energy policy and development of cities and counties.

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