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Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency participated in the 7th Croatian Geological Congress

Project and work of the Agency's experts presented

Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency actively participated in the 7th Croatian Geological Congress (7th HGK), which took place in Poreč from 2 to 4 October 2023 and was organised by the Croatian Geological Society (HGD).

At the beginning of the Congress, the President of the Management Board of the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency Marijan Krpan, warmly welcomed the attendees and wished them a successful work.

Among the invited presentations, Martina Tuschl, Director of the Geothermal Sector, gave a presentation on "Development and Implementation of Geothermal Energy in the Republic of Croatia within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP)". During the presentation, the project that the Agency is currently implementing, which is the measure "C1.2. R1-I2 Promotion of energy efficiency, heating and renewable energy sources for decarbonisation of the energy sector - preparation and exploration of geothermal potential in the framework of central heating" under the NRRP.

Kristina Novak Zelenika also gave a presentation entitled "Assessment of geothermal potential in the Velika Gorica region", which presents the work of the Agency's experts in connection with the implementation of the project of NRRP. In the presentation, a new structural-tectonic solution for the Velika Gorica area is presented and a 3D geological model of the assumed geothermal reservoir is created.